It makes you feel “in control” of the situation, and this is a great relief

Emanuele C.

I bought this product after a suggestion of a friend, who like me has an elderly mother who lives alone. From a hardware point of view the product is essential, a “button” that the elderly person must wear and allows you to know that she doesn’t fall. Then there are the apps for “controller” (installed on my iPhone XS) and “controlled” (on my mom’s S7). In these first days I’m using it to keep my mom’s geolocation under control, to put her appointments on the agenda (pressure measurement, ophthalmologist, …), to check that her cell phone is charged and that she isn’t in situations where she alone without communication possibilities. The “controller” app is full of features, I reserve the right to review the evaluation with experience. But right now I can say that I’m finally in control of the situation and I’m able to support her even when I’m on the other side of the city. And who, like me, has to manage an elderly parent, knows how heavy it is to lose control. In summary a great idea, which covers a widespread need and for which other solutions are extremely expensive.